Why us

Yes we know and understand that one you have made a decision to go in for surrogacy, your most important question will be; why should you choose us.

We won't make any false promises of tall claims to lure you to our practice. However we present below clear facts that should help you make your decision. We offer our heartfelt best wishes to you for your journey towards parenthood; and would love to be a part of your momentous journey.


Experienced and Proficient Doctors:

  • The clinic is owned and run by UK qualified Clinicians with vast experience in this field. Please refer to www.chaitanyafertility.com for a complete profile of the Clinicians. Our clinic is well established for the last ten years, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.


  • We have state of the art equipments, and every aspect of the entire process will be explained to you in complete detail to ensure you're through understanding and comfort with the procedure.

Success Matters:

  • Success is what we endeavour to achieve for every intended parent. Inspite of the numerous variables ranging from the age of couple to the duration of problem, we can happily ensure you that we have a track record of good success rate particularly for surrogacy. Get in touch with us and tell us more about yourself so that we can explain you better how the odds work out.

Couple/ LGBT/ single Parent, we welcome all:

  • As we have mentioned that we truly believe that a baby is a gift of nature and everybody deserves to have this gift. Working on this principle we welcome everybody to our clinic.
  • Whether you are a same sex couple, a single parent or a couple facing infertility problems, our doors are open for you all.
  • We offer egg donation as well as surrogacy procedures for all individuals, and these are fully legal under Indian Laws.


  • We have a large pool of intending egg donors and surrogates. You have a wide choice. In case you are looking for specific Donors, we also have tie-ups with European firms to provide you with Caucasian donor's egg/sperm.
  • In certain cases there might arise a need for more number of embryos, we can do the transfer of same as and when required, as this will increase the chances of success. This procedure is legal under Indian Laws.
  • In case a situation of multiple pregnancy arises, we offer embryo reduction to ensure that you have full control over the number of children you wish to have.

We care for you:

  • We have very patient friendly protocols. Our Doctors and supporting staff are always available for answering your queries, helping you with the procedure and offering you any guidance required.
  • We understand that you might have apprehensions and question and at time you might just need to know some details for gaining comfort of mind. We respect all your emotional mental and physical needs and ensure that they are always fulfilled.
  • We can assure you a very comfortable journey in every sense of the word during your treatment of surrogacy and egg donation.


  • We only work with healthy women between the age of 21-35 years for the surrogacy procedure. Complete medial, personal, surgical, and family history of the intended carrier (surrogate mother) is looked into before her selection, and the same is made available to the intended parents as well.
  • We ensure that detailed financial and legal agreements are signed between the all the involved parties (intended parents/ surrogate mother/ donors/doctors) to ensure that the entire procedure moves smoothly.

Money Matters:

  • As compared to other surrogacy destinations, the entire procedure works out at much lower expense in India. As compared to USA you can get the procedure done at 1/4th the cost in India.
  • That said, we at offer very comfortable and friendly prices for both surrogacy as well as the egg donation procedure.


  • Many countries in world have various legal barriers prohibiting Gestational surrogacy. As opposed to them, in India Gestational surrogacy has been legalized by the Honourable Supreme Court, via its judgment in 2002. So all our procedures are entirely legal and authorized by law.
  • In most countries the birth mother of the child is considered as the child's legal mother. India is one of the few countries where by virtue of signing the surrogacy contract, the intended parents (you) are recognized as the legal parents of the child.

Supporting Agencies:

  • We have tie up with legal firms specializing in Surrogacy Laws in India and abroad, we work in tandem with them to ensure that you do not face any legal hassles at any point of time.
  • In some cases pre-birth orders can be issued, placing the name of intended parents (you) on the birth certificate from the start.


  • We can also make arrangements to help the parents(you) with the travel and staying arrangements, thus making the entire process, smoother and as stress free as possible for you.
  • Our travel agents ensure that your journey to India is pleasant and spent happily exploring the country and enjoying some sightseeing too.

So let's join hands to began the most special and cherished journey of your life, the journey towards your parenthood. For any questions or queries do contact us, we would love to help/ guide you in every aspect.


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