Selection of surrogate

Selection of the Surrogate mother is one of the crucial steps of this beautiful journey, at the same time it is perhaps the most agonizing step for any parent seeking to have a child through surrogacy.

Knowing the surrogate mother and having full confidence in her goes long way in making the entire surrogacy procedure smoother for the parents.

We understand your concerns and hence we undertake certain step to help you in making the selection of surrogate mother. We perform complete analysis of the potential surrogate mother vis-a-vis her

  • Medical Details
  • Emotional Details
  • Economical Details
  • Family & Personal Details
  • Surgical History

Few points on which our Surrogate mothers are assessed:

  • She should be married
  • She should be healthy and have successful fertility record
  • She should have had at least 1 successful pregnancy.
  • Age criteria are also crucial for ensuring healthy pregnancy. We prefer to work with mother in the age group of mid to late 20's.
  • Uncomplicated past pregnancy record, is an added boost.

Once this is completed, if we find the potential surrogate to be suitable on all our criteria's then we begun the process of educating her and her family about the intricacies involved in this procedure.

We also conduct counselling for the surrogate and her husband to make sure they understand the surrogacy program completely and are comfortable and willing participants in this program.

These done the surrogate's details are then added to our Databank. This is the databank we offer you to look through to pick up a surrogate you trust enough to be a part of your parenthood journey. Our database has a mix of surrogates, ranging from housewives to full-time working women. This allows you for wider choice. Be assured that we do not compromise on the health and other parameters of the surrogate, be it a housewife or working women.

Once you go through our database, you may want to meet a few shortlisted surrogates to decide on who are you most comfortable with. We make complete arrangement for you to meet these surrogates. The meeting can be arranged physically in person or you can meet them via video chat, whichever medium you find to be more comfortable

This meeting helps you evaluate the potential surrogate mother better. You can also choose to discuss your concerns if any with the surrogate so as to make a final decision about choosing that surrogate for your baby.

Once this step is completed, and both you and surrogate are comfortable with each other, our legal team helps you chalk out a detailed legal agreement between the surrogate mother & intended parent with all clauses like medical insurance, compensation etc. This ensures that both you and the surrogate mother are protected and well represented legally to ensure a smoother path ahead.

Post the legal agreements are in place the clinical part of this journey begins which will be handled by our team of expert doctors. Depending on the requirements, IVF/IUI/ other procedures are conducted.

Post this once the pregnancy has been established, our specialized team of doctors will take over, and we will take complete care conducting routines medical check up , nutritional and medications required during pregnancy along with accommodation for the surrogate mother when required.

Finally the most joyous moment of this journey is here. Under the guidance of experienced obstetrician your baby will be successfully delivered, and handed over to you.

Post the completion of legal formalities and documentation, the baby is officially handed over to you. Now you are the proud parent(s) of a baby boy/girl whom you desired to have for long. A baby to bring light and happiness in your life, and to introduce you to the joys of parenthood.

The surrogate you choose to work with is also a important part of your baby's life, as she will be the one who carries your baby in her womb for 9 months, so we encourage you to ask questions and get to know the surrogate as much as you would like to, it helps build comfort and confidence between you and the surrogate both. Feel free to ask us any questions or queries you have in regards to anything mentioned here or in general about surrogacy as the whole.


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