Care of the surrogate

Surrogacy is as a whole a delicate process, and it is fraught with some normal apprehensions and anxieties. However we at Surrogate India try our best to minimize your discomfort and take utmost care to help you in having complete peace of mind.

Once an Intended parent has decided on availing of the Surrogacy procedure and has finalised the surrogate mother, the next major concern for intended parents is about the care of the surrogate mother while she is carrying their baby. Who will look after her? Will her dietary requirements be take care of? Will her emotional environment be conducive for the child's growth, who will monitor her and the baby's progress, in case need be, are the doctors available to help her, will the baby be taken care of well? And a host of such other questions and doubts crop up in the minds of intended parents.

We completely understand your doubts and worry for the surrogate and your baby. These worries are more pronounced for couples/ parents coming in from other countries into India to avail of the surrogacy procedure. Since most of these couples travel back to their country for the duration of the pregnancy, their worry about the surrogate and baby back in India is quite understandable.

To ease your mind on these concerns we have a detailed aftercare plan for the surrogate mothers. Once a pregnancy has been established, we undertake utmost care to ensure that the surrogate and the baby are kept in top health.

We have a fully equipped and well maintained and extremely hygienic surrogate house in the suburbs of Mumbai itself, where we house the surrogate mother until delivery. At this surrogate house we provide:

  • Regular medical check up of the surrogate mother by UK qualified Obstetrician to ensure the mother and baby are in perfect health
  • Freshly prepared regular nutritious meal as per the dietary requirements of the baby and the surrogate.
  • Complete monitoring and dispensing of the appropriate daily medication for each surrogate mother individually
  • Meticulously performing regular foetal monitoring to ensure complete health and full care of the foetus and the surrogate
  • Complete medical care and facilities at the surrogate house
  • Warm, friendly and comfortable environment is maintained in the surrogate house to ensure a cheerful and positive emotional environment for the surrogate mother and the baby.
  • The surrogate house is equipped with all modern amenities to make the surrogate mothers feel at home and comfortable in every manner.
  • Air conditioned rooms are also available for the surrogate mothers, and the intended parents if desire so can choose for the same for their surrogate.

This Surrogate House is open for all the intended parents to visit anytime and have a look to get a feel of the environment in which your baby will grow for the initial 9 months of its life.

What are the benefits of this Surrogate House?

  • Complete medical care and monitoring of the surrogate and the baby, which will ensure no complications occur and the baby and surrogate both are kept in perfect health
  • A safe and conducive environment is provided for the surrogate to reside in, thus aiding the healthy development of the baby.
  • Intended parents are ensured of the whereabouts of the baby and the surrogate and can drop by anytime to check on her/baby's progress.
  • HIV negative status of the surrogate mother is guaranteed

The Surrogate House is our bit to help ease your anxieties and ensure that your surrogacy journey is a complete success. We have established it, keeping in mind all the requirements of the surrogate mother and the baby. You are most welcome to come and visit the Surrogate House. We welcome all your questions and queries about the surrogate house, or any other aspect of this beautiful journey of creation of life.


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