Surrogacy is the process of giving and receiving immense happiness and a sense of fulfillment. It is the beautiful process of creating new life. This process has been around for long time in various different cultures, in different forms under varied names, thus making surrogacy as old as history itself.

Modern technology and medical advancements have made this process more secure and systematic. The word surrogate originates from the Latin term surrogates, which in turn means substitution. In simplest term surrogacy refers to the arrangement between a woman (surrogate mother) and a couple or individual ( intended parents) to carry and deliver a baby.

At times this delicate process of creating new life is also referred by emotionally insensitive terms like, 'Renting a womb', 'baby farm' or 'outsourced pregnancies'. We prefer to call it the process of creating new life, albeit in a slightly different way than most other couples do.

Why choose surrogacy:

There are myriad reasons for choosing the route of surrogacy, however broadly the reasons can be:

  • Infertility problem faced by couple: This can be either in form of some problem with the female/ male partner or both.
  • Genetic defects, severe infection, past physical injuries, any other factor that makes it difficult or impossible for the female partner to carry a pregnancy
  • The female partner has experienced multiple pregnancy losses
  • The couple have undergone multiple failed in vitro fertilization attempts
  • Single parent who seeks to have a baby of their own
  • Same sex couples, go in for surrogacy to have a child genetically related to them

In older times, if you could not conceive, adoption was the only option available to couples/ parents. While adoption still remains a great option, surrogacy offers to fulfill the intense need of procreating and holding in your hands a biological child of your own. A baby to cherish and brings happiness in your life. 

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