Surrogacy And Egg Donation

They say being a mother is the greatest gift of nature. However, this dream eludes many. The fast pace of life and immense pressure on both men and women has left them face to face with complicated medical issues related to infertility or incapability to bear a child. Thankfully, the reach of medical science has gone to great levels. This is, of course, good news for women who are unable to bear a child. With millions of donors ready to lend their wombs or give away their eggs to fulfill dreams of other women, the prospects have brightened. So, if you want to accept nature's gift with open arms but are unable to do so yourself then you can avail our surrogacy and egg donation services and get ready for the motherhood in a unique way.

This is a program which is based on the mutual welfare of the mother and the mother to be. For people who wish to enjoy the delights of parenthood through these services it is nothing less than a boon. Women who wish to be surrogate mothers or egg donors can also gain a lot by availing our donor programs which ensures reliable contacts with prospective mothers. On the other hand, for women who wish to use these services to become mothers can also fulfill their objectives of finding a suitable donor or surrogate carrier.

With the help of our safe and reliable services, you can locate and contact your choice of egg donor and surrogate carrier very easily. Once this part is done, it becomes comparatively easy to get started with rest of the formalities for which our experts are there to assist you. The database includes only those whose names have been cross checked and verified and so you need not be worried about the authenticity of the contacts. Moreover, we double check on the interested donors before we refer you one.

Surrogacy and egg donation have become quite common and everyday healthy babies following this procedure. Now, you may have reasons to hesitate at first. There may be worries and fears lurking at the back of your mind. However, once you have come to our website you can be assured that the region's best doctors will take care of your case and guide you through the entire process, till the time of child birth.

There are even affordable options for those who do not have sturdy finances. We believe in making the wonders available for one and all and so we have included all ranges of surrogacy and egg donation services for women.

Gone are the days when infertility used to be a nightmare for women. Now, women have the opportunity to become mothers and experience the joys of parenthood even if their biological system doesn't support it. This is what advancement in science has brought forth- hope. And, we intend to provide this hope with a stronger flame to burn so that women are not bereft of this wonderful experience of bringing up a child.

Surrogacy means your baby is carried by some other lady ( often referred to as surrogate mother ) in her womb. She delivers your child and hands it over to you immediately after birth.

Who opt for surrogacy?

Women who can not carry their baby in their own womb ( Uterus ). The reason could be one of the followings
  • Womb is either absent since birth or removed by surgery.
  • Inner lining of the womb is destroyed by diseases like tuberculosis or repeated currettings
  • Neck of the womb is extremely weak leading to repeated premature deliveries or miscarriages.
  • Repeated conventional treatment failures probably due to some functional defect in the lining of the womb. ( nidation or implantation failure ).
  • Repeated miscarriages with no apparent cause

Women who do not want to carry the baby but want to have a baby
  • Business women with very demanding and busy schedule.
  • Women who are psychologically scared of the idea of getting pregnant.

How do we help

  • Surrogacy, as on today, is completely legal in India.
  • We can find a healthy surrogate for you. All the health checks will be done before the treatment and you would have an option of getting the tests done at a place of your choice.
  • All legal documents will be executed before the treatment.
  • If the treatment is successful, we can take complete care of the surrogate in our own well equipped nursing home in one of the suburbs of Mumbai and conduct the delivery as well.
  • We understand that transparency is the crux.


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