For Indians Living Abroad

Since we have lived in the UK and worked in the UK I know what problems you face in geting infertility treatment abroad. Cost is an issue. At many places indifference of the service provider may give a feeling of being put on and processed on a conveyor belt. Those of you who need donated gametes ( Donated Egg or Donated Sperms ) may find it extremely hard to get treatment. To find egg donors or sperm donors of Asian origin is a hard and uphill battle and many of you nay not overcome the difficulties. To find a person willing to be a surrogate mother is distant dream. We can help you.

  • We can help you to find egg donors and sperm donors who can be a reasonable physical match.
  • Cost of the tratment would be considerably less, making a visit to Mumbai worthwhile.
  • You would experience a personalised, warm and compassionate care.
  • We can help you in treatment by using surrogacy.
  • There is no compromise in quality. We provide care of international standard.


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