A baby is the most precious gift of god and nature and we believe that every individual & couple are worthy of this gift

Shri Chaitanya - Fertility Clinic in Mumbai

We understand your apprehensions when dealing with surrogacy; therefore we have stringent screening and selection criteria in place for every step of this journey. Our processes are completely transparent, and you are welcome to ask us any questions or visit our clinic to know more about every step in this journey and so we are rated amongst the best fertility and IVF centres in Mumbai.

So get ready to embrace the most precious gift of nature and embark with us on the journey toward your parenthood. Let us make the whole experience, pleasant, cheerful, sublime and rapturous for you, your baby is waiting for you. Take the first step and write to us.


  • This website is mainly dedicated to premium services like oocyte donation, embryo donation and surrogacy.
  • We are based in Mumbai which is the financial hub of India.
  • Services like surrogacy and oocyte donation are extremely cost effective in our clinic and with a very good success rate.
  • As you go on browsing you will get most of the information about oocyte donation, embryo donation and surrogacy not only scientific information but information about the legal aspect, logistics, administrative and financial aspect.
  • Oocyte donation, embryo donation and surrogacy are very specialized services and they may not be very easily available in certain countries.
  • Surrogacy in particular needs very careful planning and legal aspects are extremely important.



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