If I have to accept oocyte ( Egg ) donor from you what kind of information would I get about the donor?

You would get all the non-identifying information about the donor. You would know her height, weight, educational status, medical reports etc. You would get to see her photograph as well ( hiding the exact identity).


How do you guarantee the HIV negative status of the surrogate?

Before recruiting the lady as your surrogate we check the HIV status. Three days before starting the treatment cycle we do the HIV PCR check again and immediately from then onwards we keep the surrogate in our surrogate house. That way the surrogate remains completely isolated till the day of delivery and that way the surrogate's HIV negative status is guaranteed.


Do Indian Laws allow pregnancy to single parents using gamete ( Egg / Sperm ) donation with or without surrogacy?

Yes. They do.


And the cost factor?

The Cost Of Surrogacy In Mumbai would vary depending upon a number of factors. The cost for surrogacy is much less in our clinic as compared to clinics abroad. You would be given a complete estimate of the cost of the treatment with break up before the treatment begins. There won't be any hidden charges.


Can you provide eggs and sperms of Caucasian donors?

Yes. We have tie ups with certain clinics in Europe. We can arrange and sperms of Caucasian donors.


How long do we need to be in Mumbai?

Again it would depend upon what sort of treatment you are going through. We would try to minimize your stay in Mumbai. However, quite a few of our patients combine the treatment with tourism. We can help you to arrange for that as well, if you wish so.


The logistics?

We outsource this work to some renowned tour operators. We can assure you that you would be free from all the hassles of logistics and travelling.


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