Embryo Donation

Embryo refers to the fertilized egg. This is formed when an oocyte (egg) fuses with a sperm, giving rise to a fertilized egg which is also referred to as a embryo. This embryo is the starting point of a baby.


When is Embryo Donation required?

Typically this embryo is formed by fusing of the egg and the sperm of the male and female intended parents. In certain cases that the intended parents require egg/sperm donation. In such cases the embryo is formed by fusing the egg/sperm of one of the intended parent with the donor's egg/sperm.

There arises circumstance when intended parent(s) may require not only a egg/sperm donation but an entire embryo donation. When can this happen:

  • Single parent facing any congenital/ medical condition which makes the egg/sperm unsuitable for fertilization
  • A couple in which both the partners face congenital/ medical condition which makes the egg/sperm or both unsuitable for fertilization

In such cases, we offer our premium service of Embryo donation. A few salient features of our Embryo donation service are:

  • Both the egg and sperm donor are meticulously screened for their medical, psychological and personal history.
  • We assure a reasonable physical match of both the donors.
  • Embryo Donation is completely anonymous, and the birth certificate is issued in the name of the intended parents only.


Normal Pregnancy:

After Embryo donation, the intended parent(s) may opt for a normal pregnancy, where in the embryo is implanted in the uterus of the female partner and she carries the baby to term.



In case the intended parent(s) cannot opt for normal pregnancy due to

  • Absence of female partner (gay couple)
  • Inability of the female partner to carry the pregnancy due to congenital defect, medical reasons, repeated failed pregnancies

Then the intended parents require the surrogate procedure, our doctors will help you with the same. A few salient features of the surrogacy procedure are:

  • Surrogate will be different from the egg donor
  • The baby is genetically not related to either of the intended parents nor the surrogate
  • Birth certificate of the baby will mention intended parents name only

Surrogacy with Embryo Donation needs a fair amount of legal background work. However our legal team will provide you full backing in such cases, and we assist you at every step for undertaking such procedure to have a baby of your own.

In case you have any questions regarding the embryo donation and or the surrogacy procedure please do write in to us. We will be glad to help you.


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