Egg Donation

Oocyte also referred to as the Egg or Ovum, is the female sex gamete that when fused with the male sex gamete the sperm becomes a fertilized egg (embryo) and the starting point of a new life a baby.

Oocytes are produced in the ovaries of a woman, and Oocyte donation refers to the process by which a woman provides an egg or several eggs for purposes of assisted reproduction or research processes.


Why will an intended parent require Oocyte donation? There can be many reasons's to name a few:

  • Congenital absence of eggs in the female
  • Medical condition causing reduced quality/quantity of the eggs
  • Post menopausal women
  • Repetitive failure of pregnancy or fertilization
  • Gay couple seeking to have a baby
  • Surgical removal of Ovary due to medical reasons

Salient Feature of Oocyte (egg) donation:

  • At Surrogate India we have a extensive database of Oocyte donors, who have been included after thorough medical, psychological and personal history examination
  • At our clinic, you can refer to this database and we will help you in location a suitable donor, as per your requirements
  • Our doctors can also help you with providing a reasonable physical match of your Oocyte donor, as per your requirements
  • A common query from intended parents is that if we can provide Caucasian donors; and the answers is yes absolutely. We have tie up with clinic in Europe and if you so desire we can provide Caucasian egg donor for you

Normal Pregnancy:

Once an egg donor has been identified, the intended parents may want to go in for a normal pregnancy, using the IVF process. Wherein the donated egg will be fertilized externally using the sperm of the male partner and the resulting embryo then placed in the uterus of the female partner to carry forth the pregnancy. The baby born will be genetically related to the male partner only. However the birth certificate will mention the name of the intended parents only and the donor will not be mentioned anywhere.


In certain cases Surrogacy procedure might be required along with egg donation. When can this happen:

  • In case of a Gay couple
  • Congenital absence of uterus
  • Repeated pregnancy failures
  • Removal of Uterus due to medical reasons
  • Weak/malformed uterus

In such cases, we provide the surrogacy procedure as well. You can refer the details of our surrogacy procedure in the 'Surrogacy' section. A few pertinent details in case of an egg donation with Surrogacy procedure are:

  • Surrogate is usually different from the Egg donor, unless the intended parents and the surrogate wish otherwise.
  • After fertilization of the donor egg and the sperm from the male partner, the embryo is placed in the womb of the surrogate, and she carries the baby until delivery
  • After birth the baby is handed over to the intended parents, and the birth certificate is issued in their name(s). The donor and surrogate are not mentioned anywhere
  • The male partner is the biological father of the baby the surrogate mother has no genetic linkage to the baby
  • Entire surrogacy procedure is same as that followed when the egg and sperm both come from the intended parents themselves.

So whether you require an egg donor or are in need of a donor as well as a surrogate we at Surrogate India are happy to help you in both scenarios. Do write to us with all your questions regarding egg donation and/or surrogacy procedure details.

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